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Content Reminder

How to configure Content Reminders within the CMS

Content Reminders are a feature within the CMS that allows you to set a date and time to be reminded about a specific page. This is useful if you want to remember to update a particular page.

  1. Login to the CMS and go to the Content Tab.
  2. Find the page you wish to set the reminder for, and then click the blue alarm clock icon under the Edit column.
    The drop down to schedule is added
  3. Click a date on the calendar that corresponds with the day you wish to schedule publication. Successful selection should replace the “Choose a Date” text at the very bottom of the calendar to the date you selected.


  4. Select the time by clicking the drop-down menu for hour and selecting the desired hour, and then doing the same with minute increments (:00, :15, :30, or :45).

    schedule window

  5. To set a repeat reminder, place your cursor inside the Repeat every field and type in the desired number.  (1) Next select the time period in either days, weeks, months, or years from the drop-down menu that corresponds with the length of time you specified in step 1 (2).
  6. Once you have confirmed the date, time, and desired repeat reminder (if any) click the Schedule button at the bottom. When the date and time you have selected occurs, you will receive a notification via the email address registered to your CMS account, as well as your Workflow inbox. To edit the message text, see optional Step 6. 
  7. If you wish to edit the message that is sent to you, place your cursor inside the Subject box and type your desired subject (1). Next place your cursor inside the Contents box and type your desired message (2). Once you have finished click the Schedule button (3). Optionally, you may check the Send to e-mail? checkbox if you wish to have a copy of the message sent to your e-mail address.

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