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Text Formatting and Layout information

Note: In order to specify classes and change the HTML, you will need access to the HTML button, you cannot add the information in the WISYWIG

Link Classes

To change a class of a link, in <a href> you will need to add a class property. This would look like the following: <a class="INSERTCLASS"href="http://ucr.edu"> 

These are the classes you can use:

Class= “external”

The "external" class is for links outside of the "ucr.edu" domain. This is an external link. You should also set the title attribute to "external link".

Class= “standout”

This is a standout link

Class= “standout2”

This is a standout2 link

Class= “standout3”

This is a standout3 link

Class= “standout3a”

This is a standout3a link

Class= “standout4”

This is a standout4 link

Class= “img_link”

The "img_link" class suppresses the border under the link. This class is for use with an image as the link.

For the latest stats and results, visit the UCR Athletics Web site

Class= “Morelink”

Morelink link

Class= “button”

This a button

Class= “button2”

This a button2

Class= “button3”

This a button3

Class= “more_links”

The links are in an unordered list. The "more_links" class is applied to the <ul> tag.

Class= “cal_links”

The links are in an unordered list. The "cal_links" class is applied to the <ul> tag.

Inline Tags

You can use inline tags to format text on your page. The following is a list of available inline tags as well as an example of their output.

Inline tag usage.
TagCode ExampleOutput
<em> It is <em>very</em> cold outside. It is very cold outside.
<strong> It is <strong>very</strong> cold outside and <strong><em>wet</em></strong>. It is very cold outside and wet.
<sub> Water is H<sub>2</sub>O Water is H2O
<sup> E = mc<sup>2</sup> E = mc2
<br> This text contains<br />a line break. This text contains
a line break.
<abbr> The <abbr title="World Wide Web">WWW</abbr> is fun. The WWW is fun.
<acronym> I like to <abbr title="Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus">scuba</abbr> dive. I like to scuba dive.
<cite> The <cite>Press-Enterprise</cite> has a story on UCR. The Press-Enterprise has a story on UCR.
<dfn> Foreign phrases add a certain <dfn title="French: indefinable quality" lang="fr">je ne sais quoi</dfn> Foreign phrases add a certain je ne sais quoi
<q> <p><q>This is a <q>quote</q> within a quote.</q></p>
<p lang="no"><q>Trøndere gråter når <q>Vinsjan på kaia</q> blir deklamert.</q></p>

This is a quote within a quote.

Trøndere gråter når Vinsjan på kaia blir deklamert.


A basic list can be outputted with simply an "<ul>" tag followed with list "<li>" items. Ending with </ul> and <li> 

There are also different classes of lists that offer a variation of graphics and styles. 

UL of Class star

  • example of <ul class="star">

UL of Class big_arrow

  • example of <ul class="big_arrow">

UL of Class standout

  • example of <ul class="standout">

UL of Class news

  • example of <ul class="news">

UL of Class sectioned

  • example of <ul class="sectioned">

UL of Class striped

  • example of <ul class="striped">

UL of Class striped alt1

  • example of <ul class="striped alt1">

UL of Class striped alt2

  • example of <ul class="striped alt2">

UL of Class alt3

UL of Class big_links

UL of Class big_links2

Ul of Class checkboxes

Example of <ul class="checkboxes">

checked boxes are <li class="checked">
unchecked boxes are simply <li>

  • Checked
  • Unchecked


Block quotes can be added simply with the code <blockquote> and ended with </blockquote> after the content. 


Blockquote Title

For example this is an <h3> title followed by a blockquote.

There is also a variation of classes within blockquotes you can access through
<blockquote class="">

For example to achieve the "fancy" blockquote you would simply enter "fancy" into the code. 

<blockquote class="fancy">

Blockquote of Class Fancy (this is an H3 Title)

Output of Fancy Blockquote Class

the following classes can be applied in the same way

Blockquote of Class fancy2

An example of fancy2 class.


Blockquote of Class fancy_centered

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.

Alvin Toffler

Blockquote of Class "letter"

Dear Friends:

This is an example fo a letter

France A. Córdova

Blockquote of Class fancy_image_L and fancy_image_R

Someone Content


Someone Content


Class=fancy_L and fancy_R







There are two types of tables, data tables, and timelines.

Table of Class data

This is the table caption.
This is a th (heading) within the thead sectionHeading
This is a th within the tbody section This is a td (data)
Heading Data
Heading Data
Heading Data

Table of Class timeline

This is the table caption.
This is a th (heading) within the thead sectionHeading
This is a th within the tbody section This is a td (data)
Heading Data
Heading Data
Heading Data

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