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Editing Related Links

Adding Related Links to a page within the CMS

The Related Links column appears in the footer at the bottom of the page to the far right. Adding Related Links to a page serve as a way to link the viewer to other relevant pages or external web sites. If Related Links are undefined, they will appear blank or have Link 1, Link 2, and Link 3, as seen below:Defined vs. Undefined Related Links

To add Related Links to a page, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the CMS and browse to the desired page. Once there, click the green edit button above the Related Links section.Edit button
  2. Place the cursor below Related Links and type the text of your links.Related Links Button
  3. Highlight your first link. Move your mouse to the link button and click it once.Highlight text and click the Link button
  4. Type in the link address that corresponds to the link text (1). To link to a page within the site, click the file list icon to the right and select the file from the list. To link to an external web site, type in the full web address (making sure to include http:// before the web address). Optionally, you may change the link behavior by editing the specified fields. Once finished, click the Insert button (2). Repeat for each link you wish to define.
    The Link Manager
  5. Once you have defined all of your links, highlight them all and click the bullet icon once. This ensures the links are formatted correctly when displayed on the page.Highlight text and click the Bulleted List button
  6. Once you have finished, click the Save button.Click the Save button

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