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How to Save & Publish as a Content Provider

Content Providers within the CMS do not have the rights to publish directly and instead must send completed pages to their designated approver, who will then review the pages to ensure accuracy before the specified page is published. Saving and Publishing as a Content Provider can be done in a few short steps.

1. After you have finished editing or creating a page, click the Save button.


2. Click the Arrow on the Publish button. A dropdown of three options will be displayed, click on Submit for Approval to submit your work to a user.

SUbmit for approval dropdown

3 A dialog box with options to choose your designated user will be displayed. This user should appear first (1). If you wish to send to another user, select the user from the drop-down box. If you wish to edit the subject of the approval request, place your cursor inside the Subject box and type your desired subject (2). Next place your cursor inside the Body box and type your desired message (3). Once you have finished, click the Submit button (4).

Submit for Aproval

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