Content Management System

Training Outline

1. Site Design

  • Basic: headers, accessibility, image layout
  • Advanced: News.txt, sidebar.txt

2. Use of OmniUpdate

  • Logging into the system
  • Introduction to editing, selecting the editable region.
  • Introduction to the wysiwyg editor.
    • Text Editing Features of the Tool Bar
      • Headline Styles
    • Copy Pasting (Paste From Word!)
    • Inserting Hyperlinks
      • Browsing for Internal Links
    • Inserting Images
      • Uploading an Image (properly sized)
      • Browsing For Image
      • Insert the correct Image Class
    • Remove Formatting Button
    • Tables
    • Spell Checking
    • Saving (note that must publish after saving for changes to be live)
    • Pre-publish actions
      • Link checking
      • Versioning – description, backup & revert buttons (note backup only necessary if page is not going to be published at this time)
    • Sending for Approval
    • Publishing
  • Browsing the Page Editor for more pages.
  • Workflow tab
  • Uploading Files from the Page Editor/manager Tab
  • Creating a New page
    • Chose Layout, Page Title, filename
    • Lower case, underscores

3. Advanced Features

  • Scheduled publishing
  • Content reminders
  • Restoring a previous version of a file

4. Administrative Functions (low priority)

  • Introduction to the Admin Functions
    • Groups
    • Toolbars
    • Editable Regions (Page Tagging)
  • Adding Users to a Group
  • Setting Users as approvers
    • Per Page or Per User
  • Setting Toolbars for User Groups
  • Advanced Style Information
    • Fancy Box Divs
    • Fancy Blockquotes
    • Glider, Xpander & BeyondBest Practices – Colors in artwork, how to space elements on the page, etc.

5. Best Practices – Content from an existing site

6. Writing for the Web

7. SAA Training

8. Review Sessions

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