Content Management System

Units with Limited Technical Support

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Establish Content Provider Role via EACS: Responsible for the creation of content for their unit.
  • Establish Content Publisher Role via EACS: Responsible for the approval and for the publishing of content for their unit.
  • Adopt an appropriate paradigm (suggested and supported by Strategic Communications) for content creation, oversight, editing, and publishing.
  • Select and utilize an approved template for their departmental / college / administrative site.
  • Train Content Providers and Content Publishers on the basic use of the CMS (unless such will be provided by the Unit / Department or by C&C).
  • Make any desired additions / customizations to approved templates (C&C will provide this support on a fee-for-service basis); these changes must adhere to Strategic Communications design specifications.
  • Allocate Content Providers and Content Publisher roles based on their plans to create and support quality web sites that are robustly updated.

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