Content Management System

Using the Content Manager

Introduction to the Content Manager

The Content Manager in the CMS is the central repository for your site's web pages, images, videos, and other media. Within the Content Manager you can create, delete, rename, or move existing pages, and upload images, videos, and other forms of media for your website.

  • To get to the Content Manager, click the Content tab at the top of the screen.

Content button in the navigation

Creating New Files

Creating new HTML documents is done in the Content area of the CMS. To create a new page:

1.  Click the New Page button.

Create new folder, page

2.  You will be presented with a selection of templates to choose from; click on the one that best fits the content of the new page.

Create new page dropdown

3. The CMS will ask various questions about the new page:

Various questions for new page

  • The title of the page as it will appear under the site masthead (1): This is the name of the page, and will appear at the top left portion of your page below the masthead and campus branding bar. This can contain numbers, letters, special characters, and spaces. The title should be capitalized appropriately.
  • hat is the filename of the new page (2): This is the actual filename; it should be all lower-case and should not contain spaces or special characters. Do not type the file extension; e.g. for a page called Staff, its filename should be entered as staff and the system will create a file called staff.html.
  • Overwrite resulting file if it already exists? (New Page) (3): This checkbox will allow creating a new page that has the same name as an existing page, replacing that page with a blank one. In general it is best not to use this option but rather to either rename the old file or choose a different name for the new file.
  • New Page Access (4): To restrict editing of the new page to a particular person or group of people, choose an option from the pull-down menu. In general it is best to leave this set to Everyone.
  • Section: Some sites will have different options automatically if a particular section is chosen; if the new page belongs in a particular section, e.g. a faculty member's page might go in the Faculty section, be sure to select the correct option in the pull-down menu.

 4. Click the Create button to create the new page. This will take you to a preview of the page. Click the Edit button to begin editing.

Edit button

5. Click any of the green edit buttons to edit that region.

Green edit buttons

Working with Folders

Sometimes it is helpful to organize content using folders. To create a new folder:

1. Click the New Folder button at the upper left corner of the Content Manager.

Create New button

2. Type in the name you wish, then click the Create button. Note that the name must be all lowercase, and may not contain any special characters or spaces. In general, it is best to check all of the checkboxes in the New Folder window.

New Folder name dialog

3. To navigate to the folder, click the folder's name in the Content Manager. Once in the folder you may create new pages or upload files.

To move existing files into a folder:

1. In the Content Manager, hover over the desired file. Navigate to the File menu and click Move on the drop down menu.


2. A file can also be moved by going in the Content Manager, check the box next to the page(s) you wish to move and then click the Move button.


 3. A mini content will appear that prompts "Move file to" for the file. Scroll down until you find the folder you want to move the page(s) to, click the Choose link.

Uploading Files

To upload images, Word documents, etc. to your website:

1. In the Content Manager, click the green Upload button.

2. Select an Upload Type. The default setting is Standard. To import a zip package, select Zip.

3. Under File, click Add Files to browse local files.

4. Select a file to upload or use the Control (PC) or Command (Mac) key to select multiple files at once.

5. Click Start Upload to upload the files. *Note files that show as a red text or red circle cannot be uploaded.



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