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Deploying a Content Management System (CMS) in a large, complex, and distributed management / reporting environment is a challenging task.  Nonetheless, the potential benefits of a centrally maintained CMS in such an environment are substantial.  A key factor behind a successful CMS deployment is the establishment of a well conceived governance plan.  The following notes provide background to the proposed UCR CMS governance plan:

  • UCR's technical (web development) expertise is not uniformly distributed across the campus (e.g. some units / departments have programmers who wish to function independently, while other groups have no technical personnel).
  • C&C and Strategic Communications have relatively limited resources to support an enterprise wide CMS deployment.
  • As a result, the definition and management of the roles and responsibilities associated with each CMS stakeholder (departments, colleges, C&C, Strategic Communications, etc.) is critical to success.
  • The CMS governance plan should be well understood by CMS stakeholders so they can make fully informed decisions concerning when to migrate to the campus system.  Please note that aspects of the governance policy apply to web development efforts whether or not a unit has migrated to the campus CMS.
  • UCR will provide a campus-wide model / protocol aimed at ensuring the creation of consistent, high quality web content that meet the individual goals of the department and the UCR marketing plan.  Please note this is not a technical initiative, and it includes efforts such as a campus "Writing for the Web" program.


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