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Site Migration Guidelines

Think about site navigation

One of the most helpful things to do when migrating an existing site into the CMS and UCR standard templates is to think about how the left navigation will work; how will the site's content fit so that all key information is no more than one or two clicks away from the site's home page? All pages within a site should exist in the site's navigation!

Think about content

Go over existing content and make sure it is still accurate, current, and relevant. Eliminate large blocks of text when possible and highlight important information using bulleted lists or other styling. Use heading styles to divide pages into logical sections. View the Writing for the Web tutorial for more content tips.

Think about graphics

Graphics are a great way to add interest to pages; they can be used to highlight what makes a department special, focusing on faculty or research. 

Page-by-page migration process

The easiest way to get started porting existing content into the CMS is to:

  • Create a new page in the development site
  • Copy the contents of the old page
  • Paste the contents into the new page. It is often a good idea to use the "Paste from Word" button for this to clean up any non-standard html formatting that may exist on the current page.
  • Go through the page and update links and content
  • Save graphics from the old page that are to be reused to your computer, then upload them to the new site and insert them using the "Insert/edit  Image" button
  • Save the page, then run the Link Checking feature to verify that all links have been updated
  • Publish the page when all links and content have been updated

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